Free Family Fun Fair

Please join us again this year along with the other members of the Children’s Policy Council for a FREE Family Fun Fair at the Coliseum! This is in honor of child abuse prevention month. There will be food, games, and prizes!

Live Music at Underground Art & Sound

BACKPACKS: Michigan Alternative, FFO Sorority Noise, Citizen, Title Fight

i met a ghost: North Alabama Ambient Emo, FFO Turnover, Brand New, Sunny Day Real Estate

Jake Curtis of Boxer Joy/West Means Home will perform a unique solo set

Saturday, March 3 // Underground Art & Sound // $5 // doors at 7:30, show at 8

Young Valley & JM Stevens att 116 E Mobile

Jackson, MS’ Young Valley sport three songwriters, songcraft honed by time on the road and in the practice room, and a new record that they say “falls off the bone.” These Dial Back Sound artists ride into Florence with songs that range from fresh takes on traditional country to southern rock n roll.

JM Stevens rounds out the Mississippi bred evening of music, though he calls Austin, TX home now. The West Point raised songwriter can usually be found with his band Moonlight Towers, and we’re excited to catch a solo set of material.

Doors at 7PM. Show at 8. Tickets are $5.

UNA Planetarium presents “Hidden Figures”

In honor of Women’s History Month, UNA planetarium is doing a number of special events to celebrate the contribution of women to astronomy and space research. “Hidden Figures” is the screen adaptation of the book by the same name. It chronicles the contributions and struggles of women “calculators” in the early years of NASA. Tasked with doing the calculations that put men in orbit and sent them to the Moon, these African American women faced discrimination and limited career paths. They overcame these challenges to show what they could achieve. This program is free and is for all ages.

Caroline Hershel’s Birthday Bash “Comets and Discovery”

In honor of Women’s History Month, the UNA Planetarium is doing a number of events marking the contributions of women to astronomy. Caroline Hershel, the sister of William Hershel who discovered Uranus, was actually quite an accomplished astronomer herself. She is most famous for her discovery of six comets, having overcome severe childhood disease. The program, produced by Bays Mountain Planetarium, discusses comets and the life of Caroline Hershel, as well as Caroline Shoemaker, who has also discovered number of comets. $3/person at the door, UNA students free.