Downtown Florence, Your Valentine’s Day Destination for Fun!

By Stephen Edmonds

Whether you dread it or anticipate it, Valentine’s day is almost here!  There is no better way to spend this day than with the people you love; and that still applies even if you are not in a romantic relationship with this person or persons.  Family, coworkers, good friends; all of these relationships deserve to be celebrated on February 14th this year, so why not spend it with us in beautiful downtown Florence?  Here are some fantastic reasons why you should!

The biggest reason why downtown Florence deserves your business this Valentine’s Day is because there is something for everyone here.  The Shoals is full of an eclectic mix of people and the local business owners have adapted to that excellently by offering many different forms of entertainment.


If you’re looking to have fun while you and your family, friends, or loved ones participate in games and puzzles, we eagerly recommend Escape Room Florence and Paradox Challenge Rooms Florence.  These two escape room businesses have put their originality to work in creating interesting scenarios and rooms full of puzzles for your enjoyment!  A varying number of people can participate at once, so this is ideal for a medium to large party of participants.  This experience is so much fun, you’ll be talking about it for a little while afterwards making it a perfect thing to do before dinner. 


Just you and your loved one?  Head over to Spinning Spoke and rent a couple bicycles for an hour!  This is a greatway to get to know the downtown, parks, and UNA areas.  To top it all off, the cycles they rent are a guaranteed smooth ride. Another great idea to combine with dinner or a show afterwards; this will create a well-rounded evening experience leaving all parties satisfied.



To keep the options coming, downtown Florence is also home to a host of museums.  These establishments are rich in the culture and history that made our town what it is today.  Whether you try Pope’s Tavern, the Indian Mound, the W.C. Handy Home, or all three; these interesting locations are full of info and history that really drives home a sense of belonging and can reignite anyone’s love for the Shoals.  Each of these museums can accommodate groups of multiple sizes and, once again, these visits can be combined with dinner or a livelier activity to create a well-rounded and memorable evening.


For the citizens interested in the arts, there is absolutely no better place to go than downtown Florence.  The Shoals has always been a landmark for music in America and that is still true today.  With the multitude of swanky music venues that call our downtown home, fans of any genre of music will find the electric atmosphere of establishments like The Mane Room, 116 E Mobile, and Singin’ River Live undeniably irresistible.  Similarly, downtown boasts an armada of theatre venues where plays are held regularly.  Such notable places include The Z (Historic Zodiac Theatre), Shoals Community Theatre, and the UNA Theatre.  No matter what your cup of tea is, there is a venue here for you.  These locations are perfect for groups of varying sizes and the stellar atmosphere of downtown Florence’s artistic side will be sure to create an evening for the books.


No evening out is complete without a great meal.  Any of the activities suggested so far can easily be coupled with dinner from one of our fine eating establishments.  Yumm Thai Sushi and Beyond is a Florence fan favorite while the calm and intimate atmosphere at City Hardware is perfect for a one on one date.  Going out earlier in the day?Trowbridge’s is a perfect spot for lunch or a snack with their  menu that features savory meals and sweet desserts all at ideal lunch sized portions.  Want to sample Florence’s nightlife?  Wait till late and head over to FloBama, or On the Rocks.  There’s almost always live music going on in these bar and grille establishments.  Wildwood Tavern and Tennessee Street Billiards & Grille are also notable spots for deliciously creative food, tasty drinks, and active nightlife.  One more noteworthy mention on this list would be Chicago Café that stays open late to make sure you have a snack right when you need it.  No matter who you are with, these spots make a perfect end to a long day, or a flawless beginning to a long night.

At Florence Main Street, we know Valentine’s Day is about love specifically, not just dating relationships; so, don’t get bummed out if you don’t have a significant other this time around.  Instead, focus on the ties that you already have with your family, friends, and possibly even coworkers.  These relationships often get pushed to the side because of the popular notion that Valentine’s Day is strictly for dating couples, so I challenge you, reader:  Don’t let this Valentine’s Day be a source of sadness or disappointment; let it be a night to remember in a place that you love with people that you love even more.

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