Dining Downtown – Ricatoni’s Italian Grill

By Stephen Edmonds

107 North Court Street Florence, Alabama


Florence is a small, but busy college town with many choice places to eat that I believe do not get the recognition they deserve, so I wanted to take a minute of my time to write about my experience with one of our favorite restaurants.  This past week, Florence experienced a rare amount of snowfall keeping my wife and I cooped up for a few days on end, so when we were finally able to emerge from our hole and stretch our legs the first thing we wanted to do was enjoy a meal at one of our favorite local downtown spots: Ricatoni’s.



This is one of our favorite places to go for quite a few reasons.  First and foremost, before the great food is even brought into consideration, their atmosphere is so pleasant and relaxed.  Employees interact with each other in such a way that encourages guests to loosen up and enjoy their time in the establishment.  The décor adds to the previously mentioned atmosphere in a very subliminal way, making anyone who steps in the door to dine more at ease and more susceptible to a good time.  Even their menus seem to draw you further into the atmosphere.


Pictured: House Salad, Complimentary Bread & Herbs, &                                        Fettucine Alfredo


In my personal opinion, a business’s food is their strongest weapon for convincing customers to return, and in Ricatoni’s case this is doubly true.  From a purely statistical standpoint, the portions are perfect and their food tastes like it should cost more than the affordable prices they have on their menu, and buying good food at affordable prices will make any restaurant goer feel like they are scoring a great deal.  From a personal opinion standpoint, their entrees, appetizers, and desserts are appealing, fun, and they taste great. 


Photo by Sarah Belanger


I feel like a blog post review of a restaurant needs to have at least some valid criticism, but after racking my brain and thinking about all my past experiences in this establishment (all the way back through high school!) I can’t find a single instance where I was anything less than satisfied.  The track record of this restaurant speaks for itself; the food is great, the mood is great, and more than anything else, Ricatoni’s is a consistent dining experience that delivers time after time. 

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