Dine Downtown – The Pie Factory

By Stephen Edmonds

Customers know it makes a notable difference when a restaurant has every part of their business fine tuned to the molecular level.  Such a feat entails consistently nailing the aspects specific to your storefront and in the Pie Factory’s case they do so with ease.  Everything from the gourmet pizza to the rustic décor and the beautiful historic building that ties it all together is down to a science.  As an added bonus, this business is part of the impressive armada of storefronts on Court Street in gorgeous downtown Florence Alabama.  With all of this in mind, it’s obvious that the list of pros and cons is stacked heavily on the positive side when it comes to deciding whether or not to eat here, and that definitely explains why everyone loves the Pie Factory. 

From the moment you open the door and see the cute hand crafted banjo made out of a pizza box hanging on the wall, anyone with common sense can tell this experience is going to be a good one.  The rural charm is evident from the decorative entryway to each mason-jar chandelier that lights the beautiful wood floors of the interior.  The Pie Factory even boasts a scenic outdoor patio area that is pet friendly during the summer.  

An important area of high-end restaurants that is often crowded, strained, and cluttered is the bar; but once again, this is an area where the Pie Factory excels.  Sporting a wide array of drink options and presented in a layout that’s uncluttered and easy on the eyes, the bar area aesthetically adds to the overall ambience of the establishment which isn’t an easy thing for restaurants with high in and out traffic to do.  It’s really the small things like this that let you know that a restaurant really has their business down to a science.  

Now we come to the cornerstone of all great restaurants, the food!  In the Pie Factory’s case, their unique pizza recipes have captivated their hometown’s residents for years.  Ask anyone on the streets of downtown Florence what their favorite Pie Factory pizza is and they will all have a unique answer.  My personal favorite is the ranch based El Guapo because I love that rich heat, but I won’t even waste time going into detail on each of their pizzas because my words simply can’t do any of them justice.  Simply put, there’s something for everyone at this extraordinary eatery; you’ve got to try it for yourself!  

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