Dine Downtown – Legends Steakhouse

By Stephen Edmonds

When it comes to steakhouses, the bar is set pretty high.  Most steakhouses are on the higher end of the local dining spectrum and as such, there are a lot of different factors that go into determining one’s overall experience at a steakhouse.  

“Was the food the correct temperature?  Was your steak cooked to your specifications?  Was the atmosphere inviting?  Was the menu diverse enough or perhaps too diverse?  Did the employees have great attitudes and was the experience as a whole positive?”

These are all questions that come into a customers mind when deciding where to spend their money that evening and because steakhouses are in the upper echelon of local cuisine, these questions are weighed all the more carefully in a potential customers mind.  

At Legends Steakhouse in beautiful downtown Florence, these standards are surpassed flawlessly.  Before even entering the establishment, the unique stone fountain out front begins to introduce the suave atmosphere that only grows as anyone ventures inward.  The lights are at a comfortable setting, the background music is at the perfect volume, and it’s all strung together by the walls covered in historical images and facts.  

There’s something to be said about a restaurants atmosphere.  In local settings, the ambiance part of a dining experience is often overlooked or put off.  Legends Steakhouse clearly breaks from this and the benefits couldn’t be more apparent.  A well thought out and sharply executed atmosphere can draw diners into a positive and unique experience that really makes their evening at that establishment stand out in their mind before they’ve even taken a bite of great food.  

Food emerging from the kitchen is a very special time for any customer at any establishment, but at Legends it’s all the more exciting.  The coherent menu style makes it very easy to find something that sounds good to you and the way they describe their dishes builds the anticipation for whoever is ordering.  Of course the taste is absolutely stellar as well.  No matter what you order at Legends it tastes great, but as you can imagine their steaks are the jewel in the crown.  Well cooked and seasoned, the experience of Legend’s steak dinner somehow gets better and better every time.  

Words can describe almost anything within a fair amount of accuracy EXCEPT for a steak from Legends.  That’s an experience that you’ve got to try for yourself before you can fully understand how great it is.  

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