Celebrate Florence “Through the Years” Bicentennial Parade

Celebrate Florence “Through the Years” Bicentennial Parade

Saturday, April 7, 10:30am, Downtown Florence

The City of Florence is celebrating its 200th birthday and we’re throwing a year-long party!  And to help kick off the celebrations, we’re having a parade! Join us in downtown Florence on Saturday, April 7 at 10:30am for the festivities.  

Florence Mayor, Steve Holt invites everyone to participate in the parade. “Our Bicentennial is here and we are excited to begin several months of activities and events to celebrate the 200th birthday of Florence.  We look forward to a great parade and the City of Florence plans to be a very active participant.  We invite you to join us for a fun filled morning in Downtown Florence”, Holt said.

So grab your friends, decorate a float, put together a band on a flatbed trailer and join us to celebrate the bicentennial of Florence.  You are encouraged to theme your float, performance or musical group, costume, decoration or musical selection related to anything in Florence’s past, present or dream of the future.  So get creative & have some fun!

Florence Main Street, is responsible for coordinating the Bicentennial Parade and all the rules and regulations can be found on the registration form here, Florence, Alabama Bicentennial Parade Registration .  These rules and regulations are to improve safety (following state laws and city ordinances) and provide increased enjoyment for participants and spectators.  It is free to participate in the parade but you must register your group or float.  Registration information can be found at the Florence Main Street website. Participation registration deadline is Monday April 2. New for this parade is horses are allowed in the parade (group must clean up after their horses throughout the parade) and car groups can have up to 10 entries but cars must represent different decades.  

VERY IMPORTANT…The Parade route will follow Court Street from the north end at Rogers Hall on the UNA campus to the southern end at Alabama Street.  Parade line up will begin at 9:30am on Pine Street between Irvine and Cumberland Streets.  Your exact time for line-up will be determined by your placement in the parade.  That information will be sent to you early in the week of the parade.   Please remember with the Parade line up being on Pine Street and ending on South Court Street at Alabama Street to arrange your drop off and pick up locations to match those areas.    

Awards will be given so really dive into your theme.  Think history…your group’s history, history of Florence, history of the Shoals.  Think Future…where do you see Florence or your group in 100 years?  

“Planning for the Bicentennial has been so much fun and has involved so many different groups.  We’re excited to celebrate all the different aspects of our community such as art, architecture, education, faith, and our native American culture, along with others.  It’s a year-long celebration of what makes us special and what makes Florence such a great place to live,” said Pat “Burney, Chair of the Bicentennial Planning Committee.  “We hope the community will come out to help us celebrate with the parade!”.

For more information, contact Florence Main Street at 256-760-9648 or info@florencemainstreet.org.  



Dine Downtown – Big Bad Breakfast

By Stephen Edmonds

When someone says “Breakfast Food”, the first image that pops into the minds of most people is some sort of diner or dive.  Sure, there are more high-end breakfast eateries, but those are few and far between even in the south where good food is usually abundant.  To the citizens of Florence Alabama, both of these expectations have just been shattered by the arrival of Big Bad Breakfast in our beautiful downtown district.  This breakfast restaurant is primarily Alabama based with 3 out of 5 of its locations planted in great towns throughout our state.  Boasting a menu full of absolutely gorgeous breakfast meals that give even seasoned foodies something new to try, Big Bad Breakfast is the new kid on the block and the folks over there are not playing around.

All-American is a phrase that is tossed around quite a bit but has no concrete meaning.  Big Bad Breakfast supplies this meaning through the palpable atmosphere that emanates from the décor, the food, and each employee’s smiling face.  It’s clear that this eatery loves its American heritage. From the large diagram and partial hull of a classic propeller style airplane hanging on the wall to the creative modern light fixtures hanging over the cleverly shaped bar, Big Bad Breakfast embraces every era of American ingenuity.  The amount of pride that these people take in the quality of their food added on top of the way they celebrate our heritage is contagious and makes any customer who walks through those doors want to celebrate right along with them.  

Any eatery that sets up shop in Alabama has their work cut out for them.  Alabamians have great taste in food, that’s just a proven fact. So, when a restaurant like Big Bad Breakfast opens up in town and starts slinging omelets, pancakes, French toast, biscuits, gravy, and bruled grapefruit plated with 5-star restaurant quality, you know it’s got to be good.  In this case, good is a bit of an understatement. Imagine anything you’ve ever eaten at a diner and multiply it one hundred-fold. Absolutely every aspect of the food in this eatery is hand tailored to perfection.  

French toast is a breakfast staple that Big Bad Breakfast elevates in both presentation and taste.  It’s so pretty that you almost feel bad about cutting into it!  Their omelets are light and fluffy but carefully crafted so that the eggs don’t overpower the cheeses.  Each different kind of cheese in the dish sings its own song that melds together in the final moments of a bite to form a phenomenal taste medley.  On top of that, each savory dish is carefully balanced out with fruits or greens creating a refined and well-rounded meal experience.

If you this high end breakfast food experience sounds as enticing to you as it does for me, stop by Big Bad Breakfast from 7 AM to 2 PM in downtown Florence and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.  

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